Baden-Baden, lies in one of the most popular and nicest recreation areas in Germany. The wholesome fresh air and the warm climate wrap up all year round the health resort town. Enchant yourselves by the atmosphere of the town if you go for a walk the famous Lichtentalerallee along the Oos River, past splendid villas and noble hotels. Feel the magic of the rose garden which will rob for a moment your breath and sprays with his enticing rose variety a romantic aura.

The writers town is a place for epicures, the bath quarter, submontane of his Mediterranean garden with the famous hot sources, spas and hot springs, does not let you pass unimpressed. The many restaurants and coffees will entice you for a culinary experience trip, besides, you feel the calmness typical for the health resort town and friendliness of the people.

Last but not least is the festival performance house (Festspielhaus) of Baden-Baden, one of the nicest casinos of the world, the pump room (Trinkhalle) with the legendary paintings of the environment, numerous museums, international events like the German media price as well as also the Sinzheimer gallop racing weeks which brings not only a lot of celebrities to Baden-Baden, but also distinguish the cultural charms of the town.

Do you know why the town has his double name?

Still at the beginning of the 19th century the town was called just "Baden", the town belonged to the country "Baden" which was a federal state still up to the end of the second world war. Hence, the town was also designated „Baden in the Baden“. Because at that time the town was already called from many visitors unofficially Baden-Baden, finally, it got in 1931 officially its double name.

Baden-Baden is situated in the west of the federal state Baden-Wurttemberg, submontane of the north Black Forest in the valley of the river Oos. With nearly 90 square kilometres of forest surface the town owns, by the way, it is the biggest town wood of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the smallest capital town of Baden-Wurttemberg with nearly 55,000 inhabitants and today it is a world-famous health resort.

The history of Baden-Baden

The first tracks of the settlement of Baden come from the Mesolithic period about 8000-4000 B.C. Also from the following epochs of the Stone Age and Bronze Age were grave finds discovered. However, by the invasion of the Romans about the year 80 A.D. became Baden more important. They founded a settlement in the todays Old Town and established several hot springs. The remains of it can be also visited even today near the Caracalla Therme.

About 260 A.D. the area was conquered by the Alemanns and in the 8th century it was defeated by the Frankish rule. About 1250, after the count Hermann II has acquired this area, Baden-Baden becomes the town right. From the 13th century the thermal sources were used again for baths and the health resort company seemed to blossom, until, finally, 24th of August, 1689 the town was burnt down by the marched in French troops. Besides, the new castle was also destroyed, in this time more governing, mark count Ludwig Wilhelm had to change his government seat and built in Rastatt his new residence, the castle Rastatt.

Iffezheimer Rennwoche, Quelle: Wikipedia

Finally, in the 18th century the town started again to blossom, five-star hotels were originated there, the casino and the health resort house were built in the years 1811 and 1824. In 1858 the international horse runnings took place for the first time in Iffezheim, by the way, which enjoy a high respect Today. Thus the town was selected by her numerous high-carat guests to the summer capital of Europe, Paris was the winter capital of Europe at the past.

After the second world war till 1999 Baden-Baden was also the headquarters of the French armed forces in Germany. After deduction of the soldiers the new part of town of Cite has originated in this area.

Today the town enjoins a high international respect. Events like the German media price which is carry out since 1992 in Baden-Baden and the NATO summit which was carry out in April, 2009 also support it.

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